The Fish-N-Drinks Drink Holder


The Fish-N-Drinks Bait Board


Fish-N-Drinks products were designed and tested by fishermen to cost effectively help fisherman do what they enjoy most…..


The Fish-N-Drinks Drink Holder is designed to fit easily into any angle rod holder. So, whether you’re bottom fishing, trolling, surf fishing or just cruising the Intracoastal, you can have a place to put your drinks, pliers, cut bait, weights and more …


Since the Drink Holder can be used in the leaning post while trolling or in the gunnels while bottom fishing or cruising, we designed the Fish-N-Drinks Bait Board to easily attach to the Drink Holder.


The Bait Board attaches to the Drink Holder in seconds, for use as a bait cutting and rigging station or even a place to put your lunch. The Bait Board was designed with a cutting board surface, plus a place for your knife, pliers, hooks, weights and lures for maximum convenience. The Bait Board’s efficient size allows you to have a bait station for each person on the boat, eliminating people from cluttering around a single fillet table for bait. The Bait Board also gives you a great place to cut chunk bait for chumming weed lines and schooling Mahi while trolling.


The Drink Holder and Bait Board are portable and fit in a 5 gallon bucket for easy cleaning and storage.


Fish-N-Drinks products are made tough with durable UV stable resins, keeping the cost affordable for everyone.


All Fish-N-Drinks products are proudly made in the USA.



For Fishing People, By Fishing People

Made in the USA


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Now Fish-N-Drinks fits to Kayaks and River Boats with the       NEW SOCKET ADAPTER!